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Ede Sachet


Ede (shrimp) in a sachet is the perfect snack when you’re on the go. Enjoy as a snack or as a complete meal by combining with Yoede Ijebu Garri. Can also be a perfect protein topping for other meals such as pasta.

Ede Pupa (Red Shrimps in English) is one of the most popular seafood found both in the local body of Lagos waters. Ede is a healthy snack; high in protein & healthy fats, rich in Iodine, a good source of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids and high in astaxanthin antioxidants which may reduce the risk of heart attacks and is beneficial for brain health.

Boxes are also ideal for corporate or social events where they can be used as eat-in or take-out packs.


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